Het logo van                                                 is the cultural website of the national public broadcaster VRT. The website is aimed at all those who are interested in arts and culture: from ‘high brow’ to ‘light’. offers the latest cultural news every day, reviews (film, literature, music, theatre, opera, exhibitions), video reports and interviews, next to a selection from the cultural news broadcasted by the VRT radio and television channels .

Many cultural institutions provide excellent web content themselves, which is also regularly put in the spotlights on can also offer invaluable material from the VRT archives. gradually makes the entire VRT cultural archive available to the public. Finally, it also includes a cultural calendar, offered via the search engine Uit in Vlaanderen, next to an editorial selection of coming events, books, concerts, movies, ... is also present on television. Hoera Cultuur! is a weekly cultural programme in the broadest sense. The programme slightly depends on the cultural calendar. It is mostly a mix of interviews and reports on subjects from across the world of culture. The programme is actually a compilation of features and reports made for that week and it is aired on Canvas, the informative and cultural channel of VRT Television.  on mobile divices


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