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The VRT informs Flemish media users at any time of the day:  extensive, impartial and always in good faith. The news department’s basic values are:  respectful, reliable, independent, impartial, prominent, fast and accessible.


The news department brings round the clock news and information from home and abroad on all radio channels, usually at first hand. Radio 1 focuses on current affairs and background information in its morning programme De Ochtend and during evenings in Vandaag. Throughout the day news events are closely followed.

Nieuws+ offers you the opportunity to remain informed at any time. Nieuws+ broadcasts the latest Radio 1 news bulletin in a loop via DAB and the internet radio player.

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The news department makes five daily news broadcasts as well as the children’s news programme Karrewiet. In addition viewers can obtain background information to the news in programmes like Koppen, Volt, and De Zevende Dag on Eén, and Ter Zake, De keien van de Wetstraat, Phara and Panorama on Canvas.


All news is 24/7 available on There are subsites in English  , French and German

The news website also has a newsletter that contains the content of the programmes on a particular day, the main news headlines and specials on our news site.

If you want to be informed without having to click from page to page: for each of its news categories offers an RSS data stream containing the title and time of publication of the messages.

This enables you to receive an up-to-date and concise summary of the headlines from those categories which you are interested in and you can feel the heartbeat of the news. If you see a title on your RSS reader which you are interested in, you can simple click on it to open at the page containing the article.


The VRT also provides the information on and Teletext on mobile phones. Mobile users simple have to go to . on mobile divices


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All news is available 24/7 via teletext.





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