Het logo van KetnetKaatje, Kamiel en Eendje

Ketnet aims at Flemish -12 year olds by offering them a diversity of children programmes. Ketnet stimulates children to be creative, use their imagination and discover and understand society at their own pace. This is the reason why children play a very important, active role on Ketnet.

Ketnet offers the best there is available on the market of children’s television, but also invests strongly in homemade Flemish productions. Ketnet offers  both animation as live action, films and magazines. Ketnet has its own children’s news programme and presenters (wrappers). As the target group of -12 year olds is so diverse, the programmes have been split up.

The very youngest have Kaatje of Ketnet. The characters are called Kaatje, Kamiel and Viktor and they introduce all programmes featuring Kaatje of Ketnet to toddlers and pre-schoolers in a creative, playful way. The focus is on music, language, fantasy and stimulating action and reaction. The older children are entertained in the same way by the wrappers, who announce programmes, make reports and invite children and guests to the studio.

Ketnet is also present online.
The site provides children with a funny, safe and interactive online offer to -12 year olds. The website contains games, a creative do zone, funny clips and Ketnet-Radio, a web radio that broadcasts popular children’s music, interviews, news items and a quiz. also contains its own video zone where children can rewatch complete episodes of their favourite Ketnet programmes.

On Kaatje, Kamiel and Viktor help toddlers and pre-schoolers make their first steps into the world of the pc and the internet. Through funny scenes and games children learn how to click and discover. There is also a special page for parents where they can found information about the programmes and games including the skills they stimulate.

However, Ketnet goes beyond TV or computer screens. During the school holidays Ketnet and its wrappers organize external events to be present amidst the world of their viewers: the children.

Ketnet heeft een dagelijks nieuwsmagazine: Karrewiet