Our audience information, awards and annual report.

You can see that the VRT is achieving results in the Annual Report, the complaint reports, the research results and its prizes and nominations.  (information available only in Dutch )

Audience measurement

How does the VRT measure use of its content?

To monitor the statistics on its content’s reach, the VRT calls on the Flemish media information center, Centrum voor Informatie over de Media (CIM).

TV Ratings : CIM measures live viewing and the shows that are (re-)viewed up to 7 days later.  The rating meter also registers all other uses of the television, such as watching DVDs, gaming, viewing photos, and so on.

Radio Ratings: Six times a year, the CIM publishes Belgian radio ratings.  These are researched on the basis of a listening diary.

Online Ratings: The CIM continuously monitors the number of visitors to the websites of the VRT and other Flemish media.

Social media: Social media statistics are measured by the VRT itself.

How does the VRT measure reception of its content?

The VRT continuously monitors what media users think of its offering.  A representative panel gives a daily appreciation score.  The results form an essential part of each program evaluation.  The appreciation statistics can be found in the Annual Report. 

Annual report