Tuesday 06 April 2021
06 April 2021

International cooperation

The VRT cooperates with other public broadcasters. Including EBU and PBI. Apart from this the VRT is also member of other (inter)national associations for audio-visual media. 


The VRT is member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the association of European public radio- and television broadcasters. The EBU was established in 1950 to promote the programmatic and technical cooperation between the new European broadcaster and it has its head offices in Geneva, Switzerland. The EBU has (2016) 73 active members in 56 countries.

Main activities

  • negotiating international sports rights
  • exchanging footage and sound material, via Eurovision and Euroradio for example
  • stimulating and coordinating European co-productions
  • operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic support

Eurovision-sublicensing regulations

Via its membership of the European Broadcasting Union, the VRT regularly obtains the rights to international sports events. 

For a number of these rights, the VRT is obliged to provide sub licenses to broadcasters acknowledged by the Flemish Community pursuant to the stipulations of the EBU's Eurovision-sub licensing regulations.

Public Broadcasters International (PBI)

Since 1990, public service broadcasting executives from around the world have met annually to share experiences and ideas about how best to deal with challenges that are unique to public service broadcasting.

Public Broadcasters International (PBI) was created on the initiative of TV Ontario and NHK, and was soon joined by many others including PBS, CBC, BBC, KBS, SVT, DR, NRK, SABC, RTÉ and France Télévisions.

Since then, more than 80 public service broadcasters – representing all continents – have become members. The annual PBI conference usually takes place in autumn and is hosted by a member broadcaster representing the different continents in rotating order. Public service broadcasters from America, Africa, Asia and Europe have subsequently hosted conferences.

Other memberships


Fiat/Ifta is the worldwide network of broadcasting archives. The VRT and VIAA are members.

Prix - Italia

The VRT is member of the Prix-Italia, an annual media festival for media professionals based on storytelling and innovation in radio, TV and on the web.

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