Mission and values

Our mission and values inform the work of the VRT and are how we promote our public purposes.


The VRT wants to inform, inspire and unite and so reinforce Flemish society.

As a service providing organization, the VRT wants to take up a special position in society. With high-quality and distinctive programming, which stems from both internal and external creativity and is innovative and daring, the VRT wants to reach all media users and allow the Flemish Community to be presented in all its facets. The VRT plays an important part in stimulating a broad social debate and has a place in the lives of all Flemish people, no matter where they live and across all generations. The VRT strives for a large audience, not so much to gain a high market share, but because it wants to be relevant to as many Flemish people as possible. This is the most important charter of the public broadcaster, i.e. reinforcing democracy and society by contributing to a social and pluralistic debate, documenting society and stimulating culture and language and Flemish society in all its diversity.

As a public broadcaster, the VRT fulfils this mission independently and it is allowed sufficient scope, both operationally and financially, to meet its crucial target and play a central role in society.

The VRT strives for excellence in its operations, internal organization and cooperation with others.

The VRT:

  • is independent, reliable and has the highest standards with regard to impartiality, professional ethics and integrity
  • strives for excellent and high-quality service
  • is for everyone
  • propagates the Flemish identity in all it diversity
  • is creative, innovative and sustainable
  • acts in an open, transparent and constructive manner.

(Source: management contract 2016-2020)

Core Missions

First and foremost, the VRT needs to focus on information, culture and education, both broadening and in-depth. The VRT needs to fulfil this based on the expectations of the various media users.

To avoid the VRT becoming a niche broadcaster, it cannot merely focus on information, culture and education. From an educational, informative and creative viewpoint and with a view to social cohesion, entertainment and sports are an integral part of this mission.

Information, culture and education


  • The VRT is guaranteed to provide impartial, independent and reliable information and interpretations.
  • Reliability is not an achievement, but an ongoing focus.
  • VRT invests in independent and high-quality journalism.
  • Core values are: reliable, high-quality, accurate, independent from political parties and pressure groups, free from commercial interests, impartial and in-depth.


  • The VRT focuses on various cultural domains, including the arts, architecture, film and fiction, music and tourism, heritage and literature, both national and international.
  • It makes culture widely and deeply accessible to a broad audience.
  • It stimulates the media users' curiosity for culture.
  • The VRT encourages them to participate in the rich cultural programme of the Flemish Community.


  • The VRT has a place in Flanders' collective memory and plays a significant part in education for all media users throughout the generations.
  • The VRT takes its educational role seriously throughout all its programmes: it wants to educate and inspire Flemish media users.
  • It particularly supports children's education and engages in a broader cooperation with educational institutions.
  • The VRT stimulates active citizenship with a focus on social issues.

Entertainment and sports


  • Entertainment is a crucial component regarding social cohesion and uniting people.
  • The VRT offers high-quality entertainment, significantly with Flemish programmes.
  • It includes informative, cultural and/or educational elements in entertaining programmes.
  • Entertaining programmes often focus on important social issues or offer the opportunity for discussion.


  • Sport is a fundamental component of the informational- and entertainment- and uniting mission of the public broadcaster.
  • The VRT is dedicated to sports news, information and analysis.
  • The VRT provides accessible programming for a wide range of sports.
  • With its sports programming, the VRT contributes to both passive sports experience and -understanding to active participation in sport.

(Source: management contract 2016-2020)