Board of directors

 Twelve members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Flemish Government, taking into consideration the proportional representation of the political parties in the Flemish Parliament.

Structure and powers

Structure Board of Directors

Twelve members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Flemish Government, taking into consideration the proportional representation of the political parties in the Flemish Parliament.

From its members the Board of Directors elects a chairperson and a vice-chairperson.

Members Board of Directors:

  • Chairperson: Luc Van den Brande
  • Vice-chairperson: Charlotte Verhaeghe


  • Philippe Beinaerts
  • Marc De Clercq
  • Christine Conix
  • Stefaan d'Haeze
  • Dirk Sterckx
  • Nico Moyaert
  • Freya Piryns
  • Chris Reniers
  • Jan Roegiers
  • Chris Verhaegen
  • Community representative: Rudi De Kerpel
  • Managing Director: Paul Lembrechts (attends meetings)
  • Secretary: Hilde Cobbaut
  • Spokesperson: Bob Vermeir

Power Board of Directors

The Managing Director's powers are described in article 14 of the media decree

The Board of Directors has the following powers:

  • Determining the VRT's general strategy;
  • Decisions about strategic matters. A matter is strategic if it has a significant impact on VRT's actions in Flemish society or on the media landscape. The Board of Directors determines the strategic character of certain matters.
  • Approval, on behalf of the VRT of the management contract and of each of its modifications;
  • Approval of the annual business plan and of strategic long-term plans, which record the objectives and strategies for the half long-term. Among other things, the annual business plan comprises the general programme policy, strategies regarding communication and public relations, and the estimation of the income, the expenditure and the workforce.
  • Making the inventory and the annual accounts including the balance, the income statement and the explanation and preparing the annual report.
  • Approval of the regulations for the recruitment and legal status of staff.
  • Recruiting and dismissing members of the Governing Board, as proposed by the Managing Director.
  • Monitoring the Managing Director during the execution on the management contract, the business plan and the decisions of the Board of Directors.
  • Mediation during staff conflicts within the Governing Board.
  • Decisions on participation of the VRT in companies, associations and co-operations.
  • Decisions on establishing companies by the VRT;
  • Monitoring the operations and results of the companies, associations and co-operations.
  • Appoint representatives of the VRT in the administrative bodies of the companies, associations and co-operations.
  • Calling the general meeting and planning the agenda.
  • Preparing the framework within which the VRT exercises merchandising- and secondary activities.
  • The decisions of the Board of Directors are made at the initiative and proposal of the Managing Director, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors or at least one third of the members of the Board of Directors.


In consultation and according to the stipulations of the decrees and statutes, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director determine in a 'VRT-Charter Corporate Governance' the manner in which they exercise their powers.

The committees of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has three sub-committees: the Audit committee, the Strategic committee VAR and VAR subsidiary and the Remuneration- and recruitment committee. Who are the members? And what are their powers?

The Audit committee                    

The Audit committee assists the Board of Directors in its monitoring function

  • regarding the VRT's financial information,
  • the observance of legal obligations of the VRT company,
  • the qualifications and the independence of the commissioner appointed by the VRT
  • the operations of internal checks and risk management.

Members Audit committee

  • Charlotte Verhaeghe (Chairperson)
  • Marc De Clercq
  • Chris Reniers
  • Luc Van den Brande 

The Managing Director, the Community representative and the manager Internal Audit attend the meetings.

Internal audit services fall under the responsibility of the Chairperson of the audit committee of the Board of Directors.

The Strategic committee Var and the Var subsidiaries         

The Strategic committee VAR and the VAR subsidiaries support the VRT Board of Directors

  • with the orientation of the VAR strategy and its subsidiaries 
  • the monitoring of the execution of this strategy.
  • It works as a Consultation Forum with the VAR management
  • prepares the Board of Directors' decisions about VAR and VAR's subsidiaries.

Members strategic committee VAR

  • Dirk Sterckx  (Chairperson).
  • Nico Moyaert
  • Jan Roegiers
  • Freya Piryns
  • Marc De Clercq

The Community Representative, the Managing Director, the board member who is part of the Var Board of Directors (Philippe Beinaerts) and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors are invited to attend the meetings of the Var Strategic Committee as monitors.

The Remuneration- and Recruitment Committee                                           

The Remuneration- and Recruitment Committee makes proposals to the Board of Directors to determine the annual objectives for the Managing Director and the members of the VRT-Governing Board.    

It also prepares the evaluation on the attainment of these objectives and it also plays a part in formulating proposals for the management's remuneration policy and for recruitment or dismissal regarding members of the VRT-Governing Board.

Members Remuneration- and recruitment committee

  • Luc Van den Brande (Chairperson),
  • Nico Moyaert 
  • Dirk Sterckx