Legislative framework

The relations between the Flemish Governement and the VRT are based on the Media decree and the Management contract

The Flemish Radio- and Television Network Organisation (VRT) is the public broadcasting network of the Flemish Community in Belgium (EU) . The VRT’s objective is to reach a maximum number of media users with a wide range of quality programmes that excite and satisfy the interest of the media users.

This mission and its stipulations are laid down in the media decree as well as in the management contract with the Flemish government.

The VRT submits an annual report on the degree to which the objectives and performance criteria laid down in the management contract have been met.

Media decree

Management contract

The management contract between the Flemish Community and the VRT regulates the special rules and conditions for granting the financial envelop needed for the execution of its mission. The current management contract extends until the end of  2020

In the 2016-2020 management contract some objectives are highlighted to support the Flemish identity.

  • The VRT is dedicated to local content which reflects the Flemish identity and diversity.
  • It acts as a lever in this field and for the duration of this management contract must explore various opportunities regarding the distribution, valorization (enhance the value) of and joint investment in local content.
  • VRT has a mission to create leverage for a strong audio-visual sector and an emerging digital, creative sector in Flanders
  • The VRT is dedicated to high-quality, creative Flemish content.
  • The VRT supports new initiatives for a joint export policy regarding Flemish audio-visual content.
  • The VRT plays a stimulating role in Flemish- and Dutch-language music.
  • The VRT is dedicated to recording live performances and so helps to create a rich, Flemish musical heritage
  • The VRT offers opportunities to young, emerging Flemish talent.
  • The VRT regularly organizes consultations with the representatives of the Flemish musical sector.
  • The VRT is dedicated to high-quality, entertaining Flemish productions.
  • The VRT focuses on national top athletes, emerging Flemish talent and also includes important athletes, trends and international events.
  • The Eén programming brand has a pronounced Dutch and Flemish musical profile.
  • Shares its video content with Flemish companies, particularly with the printed press (print and online). To this end, the VRT uses a business model in conformity with the market
  • The VRT seeks cooperation with other Flemish media companies against the local loss of digital income.
  • Explores pathways of cooperation with Flemish-Brussels and regional media.
  • The share of the Flemish television productions and of the co-productions is at least 65% of the total output on Eén, broadcast on free-to-air between 6 pm and 11 pm, and on Canvas broadcast on free-to-air between 7 pm and 11 pm.
  • In its programming, the VRT gives appropriate attention to commemorative moments from Flemish- and world history
  • The VRT brings a wide choice from the Flemish cultural agenda to the attention of media users.
  • Annually, the VRT records 250 concerts, Flemish performances or festivals for broadcasting via one or more of the programme brands.
  • Four times per year, the VRT organizes consultations with the representatives of the Flemish cultural sector.
  • Twice a year, the VRT organizes consultations with the representatives of the Flemish musical sector.