Our mission Flemish, uniting and high quality

Entertainment plays a crucial role when it comes to social cohesion and uniting people. The VRT broadcasts high-quality entertainment. It includes informative, cultural and/or educational elements in entertaining programmes. Apart from this, the VRT also invests in entertaining programmes, which focus on important social issues or places them out in the open.

Uniting entertainment

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Entertaining programmes intend to strenghten social cohesion in society and, moreover, define Flanders' identity. 

Entertaining programmes put important social issues on the map, or put them out in the open so they are discussed. 

High-quality entertainment

The VRT is dedicated to high-quality, entertaining Flemish productions.

Entertaining programmes fulfil commitment: they integrate informative, cultural and/or educational (including media-literate) elements.

The VRT takes risks and sets high standards with regard to creativity.

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