Children watch TV, surf the net and use mobile platforms. That is why
Ketnet opts for a 360°-strategy 

for a 360°-strategy which allows every child to find what they want according to their needs and availability at any moment of the day:

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  • a complete television station
  • a  website with many possibilities
  • a mobile programme.

Ketnet television offers programmes suited to the children's interests. The programming comprises various genres:

  • news and information suited to children (for instance Karrewiet and Karrewiet plus)
  • fiction (for instance 4eVer)
  • entertainment (for instance Ketnet Musical)

Various programmes focus on culture (including for instance De wrap, which connects several programmes) and education.

Ketnet broadcasts on TV every day from 6 am to 8 pm.

Extra programming

Ketnet has its own website. Ketnet's online programming is maximally accessible for browsers on all relevant platforms: including pcs, tablets and smartphones.

  • the interactive happening site
  • "It is the max on Ketnet": virtual tour for educational purposes.
  • "Mijn 5R": web platform for children about the pitfalls in life. In cooperation with Awel, the help line for children and young people.


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