Klara stimulates exploring classical music, jazz, world music and
contemporary music and experimental and is dedicated to the arts and culture. 

In these domains Klara is an active partner in a wide range of external activities. Klara wants to be part of the motor that drives participation and live experiences.


  • Klara's programming comprises arts and culture, classical music, world music, experimental music and jazz.
  • The station regularly has themed broadcasts about artists or within the framework of cultural events. Klara provides many broadcasts of performances.
  • The station also provides regular broadcasts of historical series.

With varied programming comprising jazz- and classical music in all its guises, Klara provides calm and ecstasy. The selection is also exploratory and challenging. Ethnic folk- and world music and even experimental electronics explore the boundaries of the musical universe.

© Geert Van Hoeymissen

Online and social media

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