Studio Brussel

Studio Brussel stimulates young and active people to look at the world
creatively and individually, and uses music as its drive. 

The station views the world through a creative and individual lens with a humorous perspective; it presents news, youth culture and sports in its own special way. But first and foremost, the Studio Brussel brand distinguishes itself as a musical guide for active explorers.

Studio Brussel is trendsetter for digital formats and new talent.


  • Music plays a central role on Studio Brussel. The station for young people has numerous musical programmes with music particularly for the age group.
  • Studio Brussel informs its listeners with news particularly tailored for young people as its target group.
  • Various programmes (e.g. Linde staat op) focus on social current affairs.

Music, adventure and surprise play a central role in its daily programming. Studio Brussel's ambition is to be a musical pioneer. It wants to interest its listeners and give them a taste of new music.

Studio Brussel is the trendsetter. During the day there is a mixture of quality pop and rock, discoveries and new musical trends.

At night, Studio Brussel presents alternative music genres such as urban, metal, alternative dance, alternative rock and indie music.

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