Watch and listen

You can also enjoy VRT programmes outside Flanders and Brussels. VRT programmes can be received on various platforms. 

Radio stations

Via internet

Via Radioplus, our radiobrand-apps and other internet radio players, you can listen to the radio on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Via satellite

In Europe, both Radio 1 and Radio 2 can be heard via satellite 24 hours a day free-to-air. Outside Europe you can listen to Radio 1 via satellite.

Television stations

Via BVN satellite programme

BVN Television is the Dutch-language public television channel for Dutch and Flemish people abroad. It is a joint venture of the Dutch and Flemish public television networks and broadcasts a wide range of TV programmes suited for the whole family.

Via the internet

Geoblocking: Texts can be read anywhere, some sounds and images, including almost all sports programmes, cannot be accessed because of limited broadcast rights. The VRT only has the rights for Belgian territory.

Belgian citizens can use VRT NU to watch the VRT-content all over the world.


You can visit all VRT-websites all over the world on the internet, including video zones, except the excerpts VRT does not have the rights for (geoblocking).

Non-Dutch content