Flemish highways & public buildings go green

The Flemish highways and government buildings will be powered completely by green energy from now on. A number of public buildings and cultural centres will also run on green energy from today onwards.
Flemish Minister of Public Works and Energy Hilde Crevits (Flemish Christian democrat, photo) signed an accord to this effect with electricity company SPE-Luminus the beginning of April.
Highways, bridges, tunnels, locks and channels will also be powered by green energy.

Autonomous Flemish public institutions, such as employment office VDAB, Bloso (a Flemish organisation that promotes sports) and family association Kind & Gezin are also to be provided with green energy.

A number of cultural centres such as de Singel in Antwerp, Ancienne Belgique and the Kaaiteater in Brussels, will also run on green energy.