Zaventem “not secure enough”

Both a Belgian and a European study into airport security have concluded that there is room for big improvements to security at Zaventem Airport, near Brussels. The Belgian and European aviation authorities both conclude that security checks on hold and hand luggage at the airport are too lax.
Airport staff are allowed to walk freely in the baggage handling area even if they have no business being there.

The Belgian and European aviation authorities have called for security to be tightened.

The federal Secretary of State responsible for transport Etienne Schouppe (Flemish Christian democrat) has also called on the airport to improve security.

“Passenger safety is an absolute priority”

In a reaction to the studies, the CEO of Brussels Airport Wilfried Van Assche told the VRT that passenger safety is the top priority at Zaventem.

Mr Van Assche added that "the suggestion that our security is lacking in several fields, is an injustice to the efforts and professionalism of more than 800 security staff that are on hand day and night to ensure the saftey of our passengers.”

Brussels Airport stresses that regular security audits are carried out on the basis of which changes can be made to procedures.

“Zaventem is a top airport, also as regard security.”