The far right Vlaams Belang party asked the 8 main political parties in Flanders how they would present their parties to a foreign audience. We also wanted to know their party’s view on Europe and its European priorities. In their own words: Vlaams Belang
How would you present your party to a foreign audience?
Vlaams Belang is the largest opposition party in Belgium and the prime party-political representative of the Flemish Movement that is peacefully and democratically striving for an independent Flemish state as part of the European Union.

Vlaams Belang is a democratic party that tries to realise its programme within the framework of the parliamentary democracy and the constitutional state.

The party has no inhibitions about being right-wing and conservative in the positive sense of the word: traditions, values and norms, as they have grown historically, cannot be jettisoned just like that.

Vlaams Belang calls for a just, but strict immigration policy: native Flemings have the right to defend their own language and culture and to ask respect for the laws and norms of the guest country.

We call for a clamp down on crime. We defend the traditional family as the cornerstone of our society. We are a pro-European party, but reject the European super state.

We favour a European confederation and a European Europe in which states can retain their own identity and lay their own emphases. This is why Flanders must become a full member of the European Union and become independent.

Flemish independence is the best guarantee to safeguard our Flemish prosperity and future.
2. What is your party's view on Europe? What are your European priorities?
Because Vlaams Belang is especially attached to the European identity and diversity, we want the European Union to form a confederation of sovereign states that settle their bilateral relationships through agreements and treaties. The way that the European Union operates at the moment is too centralised and too bureaucratic. At the moment treaties affect all countries and they chiefly transfer powers to the European Commission. This is a trend we wish to reverse. We have the ambition to make the EU into more than an economic free trade zone. Our goal is a "civilisation community".

In this regard we would like to attach attention to the different layers of the history of our civilisation: the Indo-European, Greco-Roman, Christian and humanist sources of the European cultures. This sensitivity leads us to reject the enlargement of the EU with states - like Turkey - that in a strict sense are not European. Our party favours a strict immigration policy with special attention for the unanimous rejection by the member states of economically motivated illegal immigration. The Vlaams Belang stands for the conservation and full development of our European tradition and for greater direct participation by Europeans in the EU's decision-making process.