The Belgians want change

After the elections of 7 June most Belgians want to see a new coalition formation in their regional parliaments. This is the result of a survey carried out by the Francophone daily La Libre Belgique. A majority in Flanders does not want the right wing liberals of Lijst Dedecker to come to power.
The daily La Libre Belgique asked Walloons, Flemish and Brussels inhabitants a simple question: are you in favour of continuing the same coalition respectively in Wallonia, Flanders or Brussels?
The inhabitants of the Brussels region have the biggest doubts. The Flemish want some change and especially the Walloons are ready for major changes on 7 June.
In Wallonia Rudy Demotte is at the head of a government of socialists (PS) and Christian democrats (CDH). But after five years the Walloons are clearly fed up with a centre-left coalition. 42 percent want a different coalition, 39 percent have no opinion and only 18 percent would like to see the current PS-CDH coalition continue. 49 percent of those polled think that the CDH should find a different coalition partner.

The Flemish seem to reject a classic tripartite coalition of Flemish socialists (SP.A), liberals (Open VLD) and Christian democrats (CD&V). 41 percent want a different coalition, 29 percent want the same to continue and 30 percent have no opinion. Especially the socialist party voters want a differently composed government (44 percent). Noteworthy is that 47 percent of the Flemish do not want the right wing liberals of Lijst Dedecker to come to power. 39 percent do not have a problem with LDD in a coalition and 14 percent have no opinion.

In the Brussels Capital Region where a rainbow coalition of: Francophone socialists (PS), Christian democrats (CDH) and greens (Ecolo); and Flemish liberals (Open VLD) and Christian democrats (CD&V) are in power, the opinions are mixed. 31 percent of the Brussels inhabitants want another coalition, against 29 percent who are happy with the current coalition mix. Mostly, the people of Brussels are without an opinion. 39 percent of those polled, so the largest single group, are in this category.