"We're no longer alone"

Far right floor leader Filip Dewinter has conceded that his party is now no longer the only option for right wing voters in Flanders. The Vlaams Belang supremo was speaking after the scale of Vlaams Belang losses became clear.
Vlaams Belang faced fierce competition from the Flemish nationalist N-VA and the right wing liberal LDD.

Mr Dewinter says that the main fact of this election was the fragmentation of the political landscape, especially on the right of the political spectrum.

He noted that the right had won: "Flanders has lurched to the right. The left is losing. This fragmentation is not a good thing. Hopefully we will be the largest right wing party."

The MFP also acknowledged that the Christian democrats of Kris Peeters and Yves Leterme are the big winners of this election. Mr Dewinter continued: "The electorate has rewarded a party that achieved nothing and whose leader has run off."