Gains for Christian democrats and nationalists

The results of the elections for the Flemish Pariliament show gains for the Christian democrat CD&V and the Flemish nationalist N-VA and losses for the far right Vlaams Belang and centrist liberals of Open VLD.
Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters's party is on course to become the largest party in the new Flemish Government.

Mr Peeters is now assured of a new five year term in office and will be able to take the lead in forming a new coalition.

His party has already congratulated its former alliance partner, the N-VA.  The inclusion of a third party will be necessary.

The centrist liberals of Open VLD seem the obvious choice, but after their defeat the liberals will probably not be too keen to jump into bed with CD&V and N-VA.

Apart from the CD&V all other parties will have less than twenty percent.

The results show increased support for the Flemish nationalists of N-VA.

The new right wing liberal party Lijst Dedecker easily takes the election threshold of 5%.

It is the first time that Jean-Marie Dedecker’s party, LDD, takes part in the Regional Elections. On average the party is polling 8%.

The results show the biggest loss in support for the far right Vlaams Belang and the governing centrist liberals of Open VLD.

Across the region there are slight losses for the socialists of SP.A.

For the ecologists of Groen! the picture is mixed with gains in some places but losses elsewhere.

In some districts the Greens are unlikely to reach the electoral threshold of 5%.

Composition of new Flemish Parliament (projected)

The Christian democrat party CD&V becomes the largest party in the new Flemish Parliament with 32 seats (+4).

The centrist liberals of Open VLD fall back to 20 seats (-5).

The far right Vlaams Belang loses 11 seats down to 21.

The socialists land 19 seats, a loss of 1 seat.

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA wins 9 to total 16 seats in all.

Lijst Dedecker has 8 seats.

The greens of Groen! win one seat taking their total to 7.