N-VA charms the voters

The Flemish conservative nationalist party N-VA is one of the big winners of the Flemish regional elections. According to still partial results the party of Bart De Wever seems to have scored better every where than was expected.
In most areas the N-VA got 8% or more of the votes. Peaks were in districts where key N-VA politicians live, with 26% in Riemst (Limburg) where Jan Peumans hails and Izegem (West Flanders) where Geert Bourgeois hails.

In Bart De Wever's home district of Antwerp N-VA got 17% of the vote.

Perseverance and effort have paid off

In a first reaction to the results of the Flemish elections, Bart De Wever attributed the good score of the N-VA to his party's perseverance and hard efforts. "We have succeeded in putting the paralysis of Belgium in the centre of the political debate."
"Now it is time for Flemish assertiveness," said Mr De Wever. His party has been pushing for more state reforms and a further federalisation of Belgium. What the N-VA wants ultimately is an independent Flanders.
Noteworthy is that Bart De Wever congratulated the Christian democrats (CD&V), formerly the N-VA’s cartel partner.