Nationalists are the big victors in Flanders

N-VA is the undisputed winner of the Flemish elections, CD&V is the largest party in the new Flemish Parliament. The biggest loser is the far right Vlaams Belang. In Brussels and Wallonia the Francophone greens book big gains. The socialists lose ground, but not as much as expected. In Brussels Vlaams Belang lose half their seats.

The Flemish goverment: N-VA is undisputed victor, CD&V is largest party

The Flemish elections were won by the Flemish conservative nationalist party N-VA of Bart De Wever (chairman, photo above).  N-VA climbs from 7 seats to 16.

The Flemish Christian democrat party (CD&V) of outgoing Prime Minister Kris Peeters (photo) is the largest party with 31 seats (+3). Kris Peeters has started talks on a new coalition government. 
The far right Vlaams Belang loses 11 seats and now has 21 seats in the Flemish Parliament. The Flemish liberal party Open VLD stranded at 21 seats (-4). The Flemish socialist party SP.A gets 19 seats (- 6 from 2004 but then the socialists formed a cartel with the moderate nationalist party Spirit. Spirit is now the Socialist-Liberal Party SLP and did not reach the electoral threshold of 5% to be able to get a seat). The right-wing liberal party Lijst Dedecker took part for the first time in the regional elections and did well winning 8 seats in parliament. The Flemish green party Groen! has 7 seats (+1).

Composition of the Flemish government

  • Christian democrat party CD&V : 31 seats (+3)
  • Centrist liberals of Open VLD : 21 seats (-4)
  • Far right Vlaams Belang : 21seats (-11)
  • Socialist party SP.A : 19
  • Flemish nationalist/separatist party N-VA : 16 (+9)
  • Right wing liberal party Lijst Dedecker : 8
  • Flemish green party Groen! : 7 (+1)
  • SLP 0
  • UF 1

The Brussels regional government: the greens are the big winners

In Brussels the big winner was the Francophone green party Ecolo, which jumps to 16 seats (+9). The Francophone liberal party MR is the largest party with 24 seats (-1). The Parti Socialiste (PS) loses, but remains the second largest party in Brussels with 21 seats (-5). The Francophone Christian democrats (CDH) gain 1 seat and now have 11.

On the Flemish side the liberals (Open VLD) and Christian democrats (CD&V) maintain the status quo with 4 and 3 seats respectively. SP.A has 4 seats as well. Groen! gains 1 seat and now has 2 in the Brussels regional government. Vlaams Belang loses half its seats and now has 3 seats (-3). N-VA comes into the Brussels government for the first time with 1 seat.

Wallonia: green wins big, Parti Socialiste loses but remains the largest party

In Wallonia the Francophone socialists (PS) did not lose as much as expected. The PS remains the biggest party, with 29 seats (-5). The gap between the PS and the number 2 party, MR of the Francophone liberals, is still enormous. MR has 19 seats (-1). The Francophone greens of Ecolo are the big winners in Wallonia with a jump of 11 seats to 14 in the Walloon Parliament. CDH (Christian democrats) ended up with 13 seats (-1)

Guy Verhofstadt joins Jean-Luc Dehaene in Europe

For the European elections Guy Verhofstadt (Flemish liberal, Open VLD, photo right) won the popularity duel against Jean-Luc Dehaene (Flemish Christian democrat, CD&V, photo left).

Mr Verhofstadt got 530,000 preferential votes, 90,000 more than Mr Dehaene. CD&V and Open VLD retain their three seats in the European Parliament. Groen! and N-VA each got one seat. The far-right Vlaams Belang and the Flemish socialists (S.PA) both lose a seat.