Roeselare stay in first division

Roeselare may continue in first division football after beating Antwerp 4-2 and an aggregate of 13 out of 15. Dender lost 2-1 from Lierse and are relegated to second division after 2 seasons in first division. Lierse and Anwtwerp remain in second.
Roeselare finished the 34 days of play in first division in 16th place, behind Dender, with a total of 30 points.
During the fifth and second to last day of play-offs on Sunday to see who remains in first division football or passes from first to second, Roeselare has 13 out of 15 in the final round and is already the winner.

Just after the kick-off Roeselare's Sherjill MacDonald scored the opening goal. Just after half-time Setti scored an equaliser. Roeselare responded quickly and it was MacDonald who again scored, twice, making his fifth goal of the final round. With another goal for both teams the final score was 4-2.
With 13 points out of a possible 15 Roeselare are certain of a place in first division football, even without the match against Dender.

Dender are relegated to second division

After a 2-1 loss at the feet of Lierse, Dender can forget first division aspirations for next season. After 2 seasons in first division Dender are relegated to the second division competition.

Lierse and Antwerp also remain in second division.