Brussels government without Flemish socialists

The Flemish liberals (Open VLD), the Christian democrats (CD&V) and the green party Groen! have reached an accord for the Flemish majority in the Brussels government. The socialists of SP.A will not be part of the next Brussels government. The news was announced by Guy Vanhengel (Open VLD).
The results of Sunday's regional elections were not really parallel to the results in Flanders. In Flanders Open VLD lost considerable support; in the Brussels Region the Flemish liberals had slightly more support than in the last elections.
Groen! did better in the Brussels regional elections than it did in the rest of Flanders (where the increase in votes was only slight.) Immediately after the elections results were announced discussion started between Open VLD, CD&V and Groen!

Wednesday night an accord was finally reached for the Flemish majority in the Brussels government. This means that the Flemish socialists will not be part of the coalition this time. The Flemish coalition in the outgoing government was Open VLD, CD&V and SP.A.

"We compared our programmes with each other's and there were a lot of common points," Guy Vanhengel told the VRT Radio 1. In a press communiqué this morning Groen! proclaimed that they wanted to "make Brussels the ecological capital of Europe."

Waiting for the French-speakers

Groen! and the Francophone greens (Ecolo) had gone to the elections with a joint programme. This enabled Groen! to benefit from the general 'green electoral wave' that washed across French-speaking Belgium on Sunday.

For a Francophone formation in Brussels and the coalition in Wallonia Ecolo hold the keys, together with the Francophone Christian democrats (CDH). It looks likely that the PS (socialists) will be chosen as coalition partner. This would mean that the liberals of MR would not be part of the coalition. The situation is not straightforward however, as MR is the largest party in Brussels. (PS is the largest party in Wallonia despite a considerable loss of seats in Sunday's elections.)