Eco vouchers will soon be available

Many sectors are interested in giving their employees so-called 'eco vouchers'. The vouchers can be used to buy ecological products or services. They can be used for environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and for energy saving measures such as double glazing or insulation.
There is considerable interest by companies in a myriad of sectors to introduce so-called 'eco vouchers'.  Companies see this as a way of increasing the purchasing power of their employees. 
The eco vouchers are expected to be available for companies to offer their employees from the second half of the year.

According to Sodexho, one of the companies that is bringing the voucher on the market, the average family spends €1700/year on products that could be paid for with eco vouchers.  This includes ecologically-friendly cleaning products, energy saving light bulbs, and even public transportation. 

The eco vouchers will be worth €10/voucher and will be valid for 2 years.  This will enable people to save vouchers up to spend on an more expensive project such as double glazing, insulation or green energy initiatives. 
According to Sodexho spokesman Jos Trippars there is a lot of interest..  "Almost every day we see labour agreements that include eco vouchers.  In the metal industry for about 160,000 workers, in the chemical industry for some 100,00 workers, in the food industry, ... and many more sectors."