First HST train to Germany

Belgian Rail has inaugurated a new high speed train line in the province of Liège. This completes the HST connection between Brussels and Cologne in Germany. After some 20 years, the Belgian HST network is now complete.
The last part of the high speed train line that is now operational is the part between Liège and the German border. It is a train tunnel of six kilometres long in Soumagne. It is the longest train tunnel in Belgium.
It was the last link in the line between Liège and the German border. The travel time from Brussels to Cologne is now under two hours.

The new bit of HST line has been inaugurated with much pomp and circumstance. The Thalys and ICE trains can now do the line between Liège and the German border at 260 kilometres/hour.

The new line cost some €830 million and took eight years to complete. A couple of viaducts had to be built for the line, as well as the six kilometre tunnel.

Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, is happy: it took some 20 years, but the Belgian high speed train network is now complete.