"Bathing water needs to be cleaner"

Figures from the European Environment Agency show that the waters along the Belgian coast are the most polluted in Western Europe. In Europe as a whole the situation is only worse in Romania.
Last week the European Environment Agency confirmed that all bathing waters along the Belgian coast attained the international norms. If the norms are tightened up only 34 of the 40 resorts on the Belgian coast will meet the norm.

A new norm is set to be introduced in 2015. Belgium will have to make an effort to reach this new norm.

The Flemish Environment Company blames the large number of rivers and waterways that flow into the North Sea from Belgium for the problem.

The company also points to the lack of nature areas along the coastline.

Mie Van den Kerckhove of the Flemish Environment Company says there is no reason for panic: "We reach the minimum norm that guarantees the health of our bathers, Belgians and visitors alike."