Junior Francophone parties opt for PS

In French-speaking Belgium Christian democrats and victorious greens intend to start talks with the Parti Socialiste, the Francophone socialists, with a view to forming coalition governments across Francophonia.
After the regional elections on 7 June working majorities are needed in the Brussels Regional, Walloon and French-speaking Community Parliaments.

The PS, wracked by a series of scandals, lost heavily, but remained the largest party in Wallonia.
The Christian democrats - that maintained their support - and the greens of Ecolo - that made large gains - have now made a joint decision about who they want to form a coalition government with.

The MR (Francophone liberals) - the largest party in the Brussels Region are disappointed by their choice.

The leading Francophone liberal François-Xavier de Donnea has indicated that his party, the MR, will remain in the Federal Government.

Following the Italian example this type of coalition is called an "olive tree coalition" in Belgium.