Agreement with Flemish dairy farmers

After days of negotiations a partial accord has been reached between the demonstrating dairy farmers and the supermarkets. The Walloon farmers' organisations have not signed the accord so in principle it only applies to the Flemish side.
Fedis, the Belgian federation of distributors is prepared to pay 14 cents more per litre of milk over a period of six months. According to Piet Van Themsche of the Flemish farmers' organisation Boerenbond, this is a nice revenue increase for the dairy farmers.
It is not yet certain however whether this will be enough for farmers to lift the blockade of distribution centres of various supermarkets over the past days. "The Walloon farmers' organisations have not signed the accord because they want more from Fedis," says Mr Van Themsche.

Fedis and the Flemish farmers' organisations are calling on the farmers to lift the blockades. If they do not, the agreement that was reached will only apply to the Flemish dairy farmers. "But everyone hopes that this emergency measure will not be necessary," says Piet Van Themsche.

The blockade of the Lidl supermarket chain distribution centre in Gullegem has been lifted after a judicial order was issued.