Belgian bitches often too fat

A survey carried out by the popular Flemish dog owners' website "I care for my dog" shows that one in three Flemish hounds is overweight. Dog owners were able to use the website to calculate their pet's Body Score Index.
The Body Score Index is the equivalent of the Body Mass Index used by human beings.
The findings are based on the data supplied by 500 dog owners.

Being too fat is above all a problem among bitches. Thirty-seven percent are overweight. Among male dogs the problem is less prevalent. Only a quarter of Flemish male dogs are overweight.

The problem is most pronounced in Flemish Brabant, while Limburg hounds are the leanest in Flanders.

The website insists that the problem can easily be tackled by keeping an eye on the dogs' diet and the amount of exercise they take.

The website did not investigate if there is any link between corpulence among pets and their owners.