Social security budget gap wider than expected

The social security budget is expected to show a deficit of 2.5 billion euros by the end of the year. Next year, the gap could widen 5.3 billion euros. Trades unions and employers' organisations have a different opinion on how the gap should be closed.
The deficit has several causes, including the economic crisis and the fall in revenues from tax. On the other hand, expenditures have increased due soaring unemployment levels.

Employers' organisations like the VBO press for fewer expenditures. This would mean that unemployment benefits have to be cut. "Just look at the slackening economy. We can't maintain our benefits under the present economic circumstances." Earlier promises for a rise have to be reconsidered, the VBO says.

Trades unions disagree. They say that cutting benefits is not the answer. "People out of work are not the cause of the present crisis," they claim. They suggest a tax on profits from capital among other things.