Who is who in the new Flemish government?

Following is a list of the nine new Flemish ministers and their respective responsibilities. Flemish PM Kris Peeters has busy days ahead of him, as he will also act as Economy Minister, combined with Foreign Policy.

Christian democrats (CD&V)

  • Kris Peeters: Economy, Foreign Policy, Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Jo Vandeurzen: Public Health
  • Joke Schauvliege: Environment, Culture
  • Hilde Crevits: Mobility, Public Works

Flemish nationalists (N-VA)

  • Geert Bourgeois: Domestic Affairs (including the Flemish municipalities around Brussels), Integration, Tourism
  • Philippe Muyters: Budget, Employment, Sports, Town and Country Planning
Jan Peumans is to become the new Parliament Speaker

Flemish socialists (SP.A)

  • Freya Van den Bossche: Housing, Energy, Social Economy, Cities
  • Pascal Smet: Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities, Brussels
  • Ingrid Lieten: Research and Innovation, the Flemish Energy Company, Media, Poverty
Geert Bourgeois and Ingrid Lieten are the new deputy PM's.