Belgian Air Force rescues family from cliffs near Dover

A Belgian Aiforce Sea King helicopter was used to rescue six people, including two children, from cliffs near to the Kent town of Dover on Monday. The six people rescued are all believed to be members of the same family. They were lifted from a ledge on the east side of Dover harbour.
Kent coastguards told journalists said they had climbed 7.6m up the cliffs after they had cut off by the tide.

Tony Hawkins from Dover Coastguard told BBC Radio Kent that the family were very cold but did not appear to need hospital treatment.

The were winched to safety by helicopter at about 1830 BST.

Mr Hawkins added that "The family, we believe, had been cut off by the incoming tide and they'd climbed the cliff.”

"Our inflatable went in under the cliff and landed two of our crew but it was very obvious that it was too dangerous for the family to climb down the rocks and for them to be taken off by sea.”

"The safest way was to lift them by helicopter."

The Belgian Sea King is based at the Koksijde Air Base just across the sea in West Flanders