Blind Belgian causes rumpus on plane

The daily ‘Het Latest News’ reports that the US authorities are prosecuting a sixty-one year old Belgian after he misbehaved aboard a plane at Philadelphia Airport in April. Visually –impaired Nicola Cantisani from Brussels was fed up of waiting in the plane that had been delayed because of technical problems.
He told the paper that “The plane had been delayed due to technical problems.”

“We were told to remain in our seats.”

“I wanted to get away as I didn’t feel comfortable.”

“However, I wasn’t given permission to leave the flight and the situation just escalated.”

Mr Cantisani actions were filmed by a fellow passenger and can be viewed on YouTube.

The film featuring Mr Cantisani is entitled ‘Angry blind dude”.

The Belgian spent twenty-three hours locked up in a cell after the incident.

The case came to court on Friday. The Judge ruled that incident will be forgotten, providing that Mr Castisani’s behaviour is impeccable during the next six months.