Hottest day ever measured in Belgium

Yesterday's record for the hottest day of the year in Belgium was promptly broken today with temperatures soaring to 38.2 degrees Celsius. Not only was today the hottest day of the year, but it was also the hottest day since we started monitoring temperatures in Belgium in Kleine-Brogel (Limburg).
Daily measurements began at Kleine-Brogel in 1954. The 38.2 degrees measured today is an absolute record. 38.2°C is 100.76° Fahrenheit.
It was extremely warm especially in the Kempen region. In places in the centre of the country heat records were not broken.

The Belgian seaside was notably cooler with temperatures of about 22 degrees. The trains were full and overflowing with masses of people flocking  to the seaside this morning and afternoon.

After the heat comes the storm

Following the extreme heat of Wednesday and Thursday thunderstorms are expected tonight. The high atmospheric pressure can cause gale force winds with sudden showers and even the chance of hail.

Over the coming days the weather will be considerably cooler. Temperatures will again start climbing on Sunday and Monday with highs of 28 degrees. After that a considerably cooler period is expected.