Belgian 4X400m men’s team take 4th place

At the World Athletics Championships in Berlin the Belgian men's 4X400 meter relay team has come in fourth place. Antoine Gillet, Kevin Borlée, Nils Duerinck and Cédric Van Branteghem ran the finals race in 3:01.88. The race was won by the American team, followed by the teams of the UK and Australia.
Antoine Gillet, Kevin Borlée, Nils Duerinck and Cédric Van Branteghem came in fourth in the finals of the men's 4X400 meter relay in Berlin with their best time this year. The United States won a very convincing gold. The UK kept Australia at bay, taking the silver. Van Branteghem was about 10 meters short of grabbing the bronze.
Coach Jacques Borlée changed the order of the Belgian relay team. Kevin Borlée ran the second leg instead of the final one. Cédric Van Branteghem took the last place.

Since Kevin Borlée is the best of the 4 runners, the coach reasoned that it would be advantageous to have the strongest runner in the middle of the race instead of the end. This was the tactic he used in China as well and the team came in 5th. This time they did one place better.

In the first leg Gillet was not able to keep up with the others and handed off to Kevin Borlée last. Borlée managed to get ahead into a fourth position when he handed off to Duerinck and Duerinck maintained the position when he handed off to Van Branteghem for the final leg. The most experienced of the 4, Van Branteghem tried to his best, but the top three remained out of his reach.