Food reduced for quick sale often inedible

According to a study by the consumer rights organisation Test-Aankoop 1 in 3 products reduced for quick sale because of a fast-approaching use-by date is no longer edible. The products often have too much bacteria and mould or yeast.
Food items that have a use-by date that is approaching are often sold at reduced prices. "Price reduction for food that will expire soon is a good principle, especially during times of economic difficulty. But this does not apply for every kind of food product," says Test-Aankoop.
Inspectors for the consumer rights organisation study bought 84 food items on their last use-by date. One product in 3 turned out not to be fit for human consumption because it contained too much bacteria, mould or yeast. The products also looked less than desirable often and they did not smell good.

According to Test-Aankoop the manufacturers put the sale-by date of their products too far ahead. The consumer rights organisation thinks the Belgian Food Safety Agency should carry out more inspections.

The 5 most dangerous products to by in reduced price quick sale

Pasta salads
Pre-packaged vegetables
Fruit salad
Meats, especially ground meat and chicken strips

Products that are least at risk in reduced price quick sale

Ready-made meals
Spread salads made with a base of mayonnaise