U2 supports Belgian film maker's green initiative

The Big Ask Again is an initiative of the Belgian film director Nic Balthazar, in cooperation with the Climate Coalition. The video clip, to be made in Ostend on Saturday, is intended to call attention to climate change and influence policy makers. U2 is supporting the initiative by relinquishing copyright costs for the single 'Magnificent' from their latest album.
On Saturday 29 August the Big Ask again video clip will be filmed starting from 2:00 pm on Ostend beach. The film, which will be seen across the globe, will call on the world's decision-makers to take action to save the world's climate.  Thousands of people will dance, in true Bollywood style, in Nic Balthazar's creation. 
Nic Balthazar's film will be a mass choreography which thousands of people, including a number of famous Belgians, will learn to dance to Magnificent by U2. Magnificent is on the Irish group's latest album 'No line on the horizon'.

Nick Balthazar, whose film 'Ben X' won many prizes, is producing the Big Ask for the second time. He is very pleased with the support by U2. "Bono knew about the campaign. One of his colleagues, Thom Yorke was a big proponent in England of the first video clip The Big Question. Bono was all too happy to relinquish the copyright and let us use the song for free," said Nic Balthazar in the Flemish daily De Morgen.

The event in Belgium marks the start of an international campaign

On 29 August 2009, there will be about 100 days to go to the United Nations summit in Copenhagen. The follow-up to Kyoto, Copenhagen is of vital importance.

"On 29 August we will show that tackling global warming is a priority for most of the world's population. Solutions are available, and it is up to the decision-makers to implement them," writes Nic Balthazar on the Big Question website.

The event on 29 August 2009 in Belgium marks the start of an international campaign to tackle climate change.

The Climate Coalition is a broad Belgian platform

The Climate Coalition is a broad Belgian platform, bringing together all the environmental organisations, various social and cultural associations, and North-South groups from across the country. Its mission is to pool the resources of its members. In 2009 it is focusing on the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. To help make the conference a success, the Climate Coalition is organising two big joint events:

  • The Big Ask again on Ostend beach on 29 August 2009
  • A major rally in the European district of Brussels on 5 December 2009
The video clip will be edited in 3D and will be translated into more than 20 languages. The Big Ask again is expected to include some 10,000 participants on Saturday.

Everyone is welcome to join the party in Ostend at 2:00 PM, and they are still looking for participants.  To register and for more information click here to visit  the Big Ask again website. 

The Big Ask campaign brings together people from 18 countries

The Big Ask campaign brings together people from 18 countries, all with the same big ask - That their governments commit to reduce carbon emissions, year on year. Every year.

These cuts should be equal to a 40% reduction of emissions within Europe by 2020 and 100% by 2050. Binding targets will encourage fair and effective climate solutions that will help us all - individuals, business and communities - to cut our carbon footprint.