Anderlecht - Standard duel marred by incident

In first division football there were two exciting matches Sunday. The Bruges derby ended in a 2-3 victory for Club Brugge against Cercle Brugge. Losing points for the first time this season, Anderlecht drew against defending champions Standard. The match was overshadowed by a blatant foul by Axel Witsel. The Golden Shoe winner Witsel fractured Marcin Wasilewski's leg and was immediately sent off with a red card.

Top match: Anderlecht vs Standard 1-1

The top match between the two best teams of last season began in a chaotic and nervous atmosphere.
Before any points could be made, in the 27th minute, Axel Witsel made a blatant and mean foul, stepping directly on home player Marcin Wasilewski's outstretched leg. The Anderlecht fans were in an uproar. Axel Witsel was immediately sent off with a red card. The injury turned out to be as bad as feared. What was worst feared: a broken leg was indeed the case. .

The Polish Anderlecht player faces an operation and no doubt a long and tedious period of revalidation. After 6 minutes, play resumed.
The Anderlecht players were down crest and Dieumerci Mbokani saw his chance. He scored the first goal of the match in the 38th minute, putting the visitors, Standard, ahead 0-1.

Anderlecht players regained their footing and came back with an equaliser by Guillaume Gillet in the 44th minute. Tension was again running red-hot and Cédric Collet and Mbokani both got yellow cards in the additional time of the first half.

Even though Standard were down 1 player, they held their own against Anderlecht and no more goals fell. This was the first match that Anderlecht have not won this season. Having to concede two points, Anderlecht have 13 after 5 days of play. A frustrated Standard de Liège are trailing behind in the overall standings with just 7 points, in seventh place.

Club Brugge win the Bruges derby with Cercle Brugge: 2 - 3

It was an absolutely mad match. After 10 minutes Club Brugge were behind 2-0. The first attack by Cercle immediately struck gold. Daerden headed the ball into Gombami's feet and Oleg Jasjtsjoek finished off a beautiful action and scored just two minutes into the match. This 1-0 lead was backed up by Thomas Buffel just 7 minutes later. The fans were going insane: 2 goals in ten minutes for Cercle Brugge.

But the rest of the first half was dominated by Club Brugge. Club created a series of opportunities but only scored one time. Vargas passed off to Lesley Sonck and he scored the first goal for the 'visiting team'.

The score was 2-1 going into the second half.

Akpala scored the second goal for Club in the 66th minute. And it was Lesley Sonck who made the decisive goal in the 77th minute, clinching the three points for Club Brugge. Together with AA Gent Club have 10 points after five days of play. Cercle Brugge have 4 points.

Racing Genk vs Germinal Beerschot: 1-1

Racing Genk and Germinal Beerschot split the points of the fifth day of play. 

Faris Haroun opened the scoring with a goal in the 38th minute.  The visitors were leading 0-1 going into the second half.  Marvin Ogunjimi came with the equaliser just four minutes into the second half.  Racing Genk and Germinal Beerschot picked up a point a piece. 

Racing Genk have 6 points in the overall standings; Roeselare have 2 points.