Another night of trouble in Molenbeek

Police detained 43 people during a second night of violence in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans Molenbeek. Three of those detained have been handed over to the judicial authorities for further questioning. They are accused of having stoned a police car, possession of illegal weapons and having resisting arrest. Police also found five petrol bombs under a parked car.
Once again youths played cat and mouse with the police in an area of Molenbeek, near to the Brussels-Rupel canal.

The police weren’t taking any risks after Thursday night’s violence, during which a police station came under attack.

Around 100 officers in riot gear took up positions in the centre of Molenbeek.

Water cannons were at hand in case of trouble.

The exits to metro stations in the area were also put under surveillance.

The large police presence meant that the violence was less serious than it was on Thursday night.

Police Chief Johan Berckmans of the Brussels West Police Service told the VRT that “There was a visable police presence on the streets and we have plain-clothes offices monitoring the situation.”