Obama sends congratulations to Clijsters

The winner of the women’s competition at this year’s US Open celebrated her victory in her home village of Bree (Limburg) on Friday evening. After having been presented with gifts for her daughter and husband by Mayor Jaak Gabriëls (liberal) in the town hall, Clijsters treated her fans to a beer, thus keeping the promise she made after her victory in New York.
Mayor Gabriels said that he had thought about Kim Clijsters’ late  father Lei when choosing a present for little Jada.

The former Belgian international footballer died earlier this year of cancer.

Jada was given a Racing Genk rucksack, some pumps and a leotard.

Clijsters was also given a basketball for her husband, the former basketball player Brian Lynch.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador to Belgium Howard W. Gutman passed on President Obama’s congratulations to Clijsters.

Several thousand people were on the main square in Bree to cheer her on.

Kim Cijsters told them that she had missed Flanders and Bree in particular.

“After three months in the USA, I was longing to come home.”

"I couldn’t pack quickly enough."

"Jetlag is the thing that has given me most trouble.”

“I didn’t manage to fall asleep until 6am on Thursday.”

Clijsters added that her daughter also was suffering from jetlag.