Sint-Truiden suffer first defeat of the season

Sint-Truiden have suffered their very first defeat of the season. The season leaders in the overall standings lost at home to Racing Genk by 2-4. Racing Genk clinched their second victory of the season and move out a 12th place.

Genk proved to be stronger than season leaders Sint-Truiden

Genk were off to an excellent start taking the score to 0-1 after just five minutes. The first goal of the match was for Marvin Ogunjimi in the 6th minute. And the visitors were on a roll: Elyaniv Barda took the score to 0-2 in the 14th minute.

The visitors were on a roll: Elyaniv Barda took the score to 0-2 in the 14th minute. And Thomas Buffel took the play up a notch in the 33rd minute with a third goal. After just over 30 minutes of play the undefeated leaders of the season were trailing by 0-3, in a home match at that!

It was not until the second half of the match that the season leaders woke up somewhat with a first goal for Sint-Truiden in the 64th minute by Vincent Euvrard. Alex Da Silva seems to put the home team back in the running with a second goal 15 minutes later. But all hopes were dashed when Racing Genk came back to score again and the 2-4 in the 84th minute proved to be insurmountable.

Genk collected the three points and their second victory of the season. Sint-Truiden, for the first time this season, collected no points from their first defeat.

Sint-Truiden are still at the top in the overall standings with 17 points, but their lead may well be challenged. AA Gent, Anderlecht and Club Brugge all trail the leaders by three points, and they all have yet to play for the 8th day of play. Gent and Club Brugge play tonight; Anderlecht play on Thursday.

All three second place teams look to have relatively easy opponents, but then you never know. Who would have thought that Sint-Truiden could lose to Racing Genk?

Genk have 10 points in the overall standings and move up to an 8th place for the time-being.