Body recovered from wreckage in Dinant

In the Walloon town of Dinant two men tried to rob a bank Friday night using dynamite. They used far too much and part of the building was blown up. One of the men was taken to hospital but died of his injuries. The other man was found dead under the rubble hours later.

The two gangsters went to work at about 3 am Saturday morning.

It seems they wanted to blow up an automated teller machine but the force of the dynamite blast caused much of the building to collapse.

One of the men died soon after the blast, on his way to hospital. The police were still searching the wreckage to see if there was a second victim through the afternoon.  The body of a second gangster was finally recovered Saturday evening.

A bomb disposal squad searched the area to make sure no dynamite was left that had not exploded.

The gangsters would not have got their hands on the money anyway

According to banking officials the gangsters were obviously very inexperienced.  Even if they had not used an overkill amount of explosives they would not have been able to get their hands on the money. 

There is a system that kicks in when such cash dispensers are forced open.  The box implodes and destroys all the money inside.