IKEA in Belgium is more expensive

According to a comparative analysis of IKEA prices in different countries carried out by European Consumer Centre Belgium, the prices are highest in IKEA Belgium. For a basket of 20 products prices at IKEA Belgium were 22% higher than the same products at IKEA France. Ikea in the Netherlands was second most expensive.

The European Consumer Centre Belgium, part of a European network of 29 centres in 27 member states +Norway and Iceland, has taken a look at prices of IKEA products in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. 

A basket of 20 products was taken to compare the prices.

The basket of the same 20 products cost €4036 in Belgium, 3775 in the Netherlands, €3363 in Germany, €3345 in the UK, and €3297 in France.

Eating in the IKEA restaurant is also considerably cheaper in our neighbouring countries.

The breakfast is double the price in Belgium as in France and the Netherlands. A pasta with tomato sauce costs €1.95 in the Netherlands whereas in Belgium it costs €4.95. The famous Swedish meatballs are also most expensive in Belgium.

The European Consumer Centre in Brussels is part of a European network

The European Consumer Centre, located in Brussels, informs European consumers about the advantages of the internal market and assists in case of cross-border consumer disputes.

ECC Belgium is part a European network of 29 centres in 27 member states + Norway and Iceland.

The European network of Consumer Centres (ECC-net) was established by the European Commission to:

  • enhance the trust of the European consumer in the internal market through information and advice
  • assist the European consumer in case of cross-border consumer disputes
  • provide a link between the consumer and the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) bodies.