Extreme right falls further behind

If the Flemish would go to the polls today the extreme right wing party Vlaams Belang would lose more than 3 percent of the support it had on June 7 for the regional elections. This is one of the results revealed in the latest opinion poll commissioned by the VRT and the daily De Standaard. The Flemish Christian democrats (CD&V) remain the largest party in Flanders. Support for the other parties remains pretty much status quo.

CD&V is the only party that gets more than 20 percent of the votes in the new opinion poll. The Flemish Christian democrats score 24.4, which is about one percent more than in the regional elections on June 7.

The Flemish liberal Open VLD party is the second largest party, but strands at 16.7 percent. The Flemish socialist party SP.A is the third party in Flanders with 15 percent of the vote in this opinion poll.

In fourth place is the conservative Flemish nationalist party N-VA with 13.5 percent of the vote. This is just slightly more than Vlaams Belang.

Compared to the June 7 elections Vlaams Belang loses considerable support, falling from 15.4 percent to 12.8 percent. It looks like the downward trend of support for Vlaams Belang continues.

This decline is not being picked up by the populist rightwing Lijst De Decker (LDD): Jean-Marie Dedecker's party gets 8.1 percent of the vote, hardly better than the disappointing 7.8 percent the party got on 7 June.

The Flemish green party Groen! does a bit better compared to the elections and chalks up 8.5 percent of the vote. This is roughly the same as the greens scored in the last opinion poll (just before the elections).  But then Groen! traditionally scores better in opinion polls than in elections.

Confidence in the Belgian government is slightly up

Confidence in the federal government is slightly up compared to the last opinion poll in June. 41 percent of those polled said they have confidence in the government of Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy. This is an increase of 5 percent. On the other hand, 58 percent say they have little or no confidence in the federal government.

People have more confidence in the Flemish government

The new Flemish government (put together after the June 7 elections) enjoys considerably more support. 61 percent say they have confidence in the new team of Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters. This is about the same as the support for the last Flemish government. 96% of those polled said they had confidence in the Flemish Prime Minister.

Kris Peeters is now the most popular politician in Flanders. Kris Peeters moves from a second place to first and N-VA chairman Bart De Wever remains right behind him, moving from third to second place. Former PM Guy Verhofstadt, elected to the European Parliament and now a bit out of the news, has dropped from first place to third.

Flemish socialist Frank Vandenbroucke, who was degraded from Flemish minister to backbencher in the Flemish Parliament, has not lost any of his popularity. He remains in fifth place, after federal PM Herman Van Rompuy.

The top 10 politicians

1 (2)      Kris Peeters (CD&V)
2 (3)      Bart De Wever (N-VA)
3 (1)      Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD)
4 (6)      Herman Van Rompuy (CD&V)
5 (5)      Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A)
6 (4)      Yves Leterme (CD&V)
7 (11)    Stefaan De Clerck (CD&V)
8 (9)      Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.A)
9 (7)      Inge Vervotte (CD&V)
10 (14) Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V)