Online integration for future newcomers

The Flemish Minister responsible for integration Geert Bourgeois (Flemish nationalist) has announced plans to make integration courses for newcomers available on the internet. This will give foreigners planning to move to Flanders the opportunity to follow an integration course in their country of origin.

The integration course teaches new migrants about Flemish customs and institutions, as well as providing them with a basic knowledge of Dutch.

All new migrants that come to Flanders from outside the EU are required to follow an integration course.

Migrants from within the EU can take an integration course voluntarily if they so wish.

The internet version of the course will be available free of charge to anyone interested.

A paper version can also be ordered if required. 

Mr Bourgeois (top photo) says that people taking the course will have a head start when they come to Flanders and they will be able to integrate more easily into Flemish society

Furthermore, the newcomer will start with a least some knowledge of his/her new home and be aware of his/her rights and duties.

Those requiring paper course material will be able to apply for it online.

Mr Bourgeois hopes that the Belgian embassies abroad will help distribute course material.

The minister also hopes to get Imams and the Muslim Executive involved in integration.

” You can’t get around the fact that Islam plays a prominent role in integration.” Mr Bourgeois told journalists.