"Irish pub" tax official faces fresh allegations

It is understood that a civil servant working for the Federal Finance Department may have cost the taxpayer over 110 million euros. According to the newspaper De Tijd Finance Minister Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal) has failed to subpoena the official.

The tax official worked at the VAT office in Brussels. In 2008 he received a one year suspended sentence after he was bribed by the proprietor of an Irish pub that had failed to pay its VAT.

Meanwhile it has emerged that the tax official was up to a lot more.

The daily De Tijd published extracts from a confidential letter from the Audit Court. Writing to the Finance Department the Court accuses the official of serious errors and important shortcomings.

An internal enquiry uncovered tax losses worth 110 million euros during a fifteen year period.

Only Finance Minister Reynders is able to subpoena the official before the Audit Court. So far he has failed to do so.

The right wing liberal party Lijst Dedecker intends to quiz Mr Reynders about this issue in Parliament.