"Young officers lack discipline"

According to Jan Schonkeren, the head of the liberal trade union for the police, young police officers do not have enough discipline. He is in favour of stricter recruitment criteria and more emphasis on discipline during police training.

"Young officers do not understand enough the exemplary role the police play in society. They clash too often with deontological rules. Even worse: sometimes they clash with judicial authorities," says Officer Schonkeren in the Sunday edition of the daily Het Nieuwsblad.

Officer Schonkeren thinks that the police schools should tackle the problem and there should be more emphasis on discipline during classes at the police academy. He also alls for stricter recruitment criteria, especially in connection with the 'morality of the candidates'.

Earlier this year the parliamentary committee called Comité P, which audits the police services in the country, expressed concern. "Our young officers do not know any more how to react adequately to problems that come up," was the conclusion of the parliamentary committee. Comité P is also in favour of a better and longer training at the police academy. Comité P also calls for stricter recruitment criteria.