British singer celebrates Herman Van Rompuy

Mister John is a Liverpool-born folk musician, who lives in Brussels. In 1998, he scored a hit in Belgium with 'Potverdekke! It's great to be a Belgian', together with Doctor Rob. It is an "affectionate" parody on Belgium and the Belgians. In a new rendition they pay tribute to the first President of the European Council: Herman Van Rompuy. And yes, he's a Belgian!

Mister John shot to fame if not fortune in the summer of 1998 with his one and only hit single Potverdekke! It's Great to be a Belgian - It is a parody, or, as Mister John writes on his website, "An affectionately ironic tribute to Belgium and the Belgians."

The Belgian Press, TV and Radio, in characteristic amazement that anybody, especially an obscure Liverpool-born song-writer, could be saying positive things about their much-maligned country, gave the song all the encouragement it deserved to help it to Number 6 in the National Hit Parade.

In a new rendition of the song Mister John and his very talented sidekick Doctor Rob sing praises of Herman Van Rompuy who has been appointed the very first President of the European Council, shooting from obscurity to the top man in Europe. He will take up his new post on January 1, 2010.  And lest there be any doubt, Herman will roll up his sleeves and give the job his best shot, in true Belgian style!

Both Herman Van Rompuy and Mister John with Potverdekke! It’s Great to be a Belgian! did not escape the attention of the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman and Newsnight. Click here.

For more on Mister John and Doctor Rob and their musical adventures here in Belgium visit the website here.