Big chill triggers car misery

Freezing temperatures on Sunday night led to problems for many motorists attempting to start their motor vehicle on Monday morning. The motoring association VAB received 30% more calls on Monday morning.

Freezing temperatures and car engines are not the best of friends and so it proved once again on Monday morning after motorists across the land attempted to start their motor vehicle after the big chill on Sunday night.

Break down services received far more calls from stranded motorists on Monday morning.

Marc Van Damme of the Flemish Automobile Association VAB says most of the problems have to do with the car engine's reluctance to start after such a night with freezing temperatures.

Mr Van Damme was keen to look on the bright side insisting that temperatures had not fallen too low just yet. Even lower temperatures would mean certain car parts would freeze together. This didn't happen at the moment, but could still occur if temperatures plummet further.