Three die in house fire

Two young children and their forty-nine year-old father have died in a house fire in the Flemish Brabant village of Galmaarden. The fire started shortly after 7:15am on Monday. Neighbours alerted the fire brigade in the near-by town of Geraardsbergen at around 8am.

However, poor road conditions caused by the winter weather delayed the arrival of a fire engine to the scene.

By the time fire-fighters arrived the whole house was ablaze.

Initially, only the body of the forty-nine year-old man was found at the scene.

However, after a painstaking search through the chard remains of the house, the bodies of the two pre-school children were found.

Their mother was not at home when the fire started as she had a physiotherapist’s appointment.

She returned to find her home ablaze.

The mother was taken to hospital suffering from shock.